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Thank you for your interest in Local 15-286 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. The AFM is the largest organization in the world dedicated to representing the interests of professional musicians. Local 15-286, Toledo, Ohio, represents the musicians of the Toledo Symphony as well as professional musicians in eight northwestern Ohio counties and Monroe County in Michigan. Are you looking for entertainment for your group or corporate venue? Looking to hire a musician or musicians for your club or school? You have come to the right place! Click Here to view our Member Pages.

90,000+ AFM Members

Wide Variety of Musicians

AFM members, who number over 90,000, perform all styles of music—alternative rock, classical, pop, gospel, jazz, country, folk, rock, big band, reggae, contemporary Christian, etc.. With such active members as Bruce Springsteen, Roberta Flack, Santana, Yo-Yo Ma, Sheila E, Suzanne Vega, The Goo Goo Dolls, Willie Nelson, and Branford Marsalis, there is a strong representation of major recording individuals and groups.

Musicians’ Advocacy

Musicians' Advocacy

The AFM has been promoting and protecting professional musicians for over 110 years. Local 15-286 has been serving the Toledo area musicians since 1996 and continues to be an effective advocate for musicians’ rights in the workplace (be that a nightclub, a symphony stage, in a recording studio, or on tour). The AFM and Local 15-286 protect the recorded works musicians produce from being exploited, and protect our members live performances by providing several types of benefit programs that help them to build successful careers.

Legislation & Awareness

Musicians' Legislation & Awareness

Members of Local 15-286 of the AFM are secure in knowing that their organization is actively lobbying to promote legislation and public awareness that protects musicians’ interests, negotiating collective bargaining agreements with the recording industry, motion picture industry, jingle industry, TV networks, National Public TV and Radio, and providing excellent wages and working conditions for its members.

Who We Are


The objectives and the purposes of the Local Union shall be to unite the professional musicians within its jurisdiction who are eligible for membership without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, to advance the mutual interests and unite the instrumental and vocal portion of the musical profession for the better protection of its members, in general, to enforce good faith and fair dealing between its members, to facilitate speedy adjustment of business disputes, to further the spirit of unionism, to promote and further the social improvement and general welfare of its  members and to organize the unorganized professional musicians in its jurisdiction and provide services to such organized professional musicians.

General Information

Dues & Fees

Dues if Paid Annually: $160.00
Dues if Paid Semi-Annually: $85.00
Local 15-286 Initiation Fee (one-time): $30.00
Federation Initiation Fee (one-time): $65.00

Change Requests

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Officers & Exec. Board Members

Al Tapliin, President
Emily Dietz, Vice President
Charles Slater, Secretary/Treasurer
James Gottron, Board Member
Jocelyn Langworthy, Board Member
Laura Longman, Board Member
Garth Simmons, Board Member
Daniel J. Harris, Board Member
Thaddeus Archer, Board Member


All of the following counties: Williams, Fulton, Lucas, Defiance, Hancock, Seneca, Sandusky, that part of Henry County north of Route 18, Paulding, and Ottawa to include Allen Township, Clay, Benton, Carroll, Rocky Ridge, Genoa, Harris, Elmore, Oak Harbor, Salem, and Wood County. Also the entire city of Bellevue in Huron County and the town of Carey in Wyandote County. Also all of Monroe County in Michigan.